Free Mailed Greeting Card


Click Here to make your own FREE greeting card from This offer also includes mailing the card for you!  After you click on “Send a Free Card,” a pop-up box will ask “Would you like a walkthrough?” I advise clicking “Yes.” The walkthrough has step-by-step instructions and just makes it that much simpler to create and send a card.  If you don’t do the walkthrough and do it by yourself, just be sure to choose the 2-panel card, that’s the free option.

1000’s of cards are available to choose from and you put in your own personalized message. I made a Holiday card, but there are several categories of cards to get exactly what you are looking for.

Free My PitBull is Family Bumper Sticker

Help to correct the perception of PitBulls from “vicious” to “family” with this FREE bumber sticker. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a form to fill in with your information for your Free sticker. If you would like to you can donate $2.00 but you don’t have to.

If you are affiliated with an animal rescue, shelter, humane society, or other organization they will send you Free stickers and banners for your organization to hand out in their area.

Free Sample of Avery NoteTabs

Stay organized with this Free sample of Avery NoteTabs. Files, school work, recipes, or  marking pages in magazines and books. These tabs are a great way to stay organized. Just fill in the request form and you will receive your Free sample in the mail. I love to use these sticky tabs and am very happy to share this Freebie with you!


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3 Full Sized Bottles of Ensure


Get 3 full sized bottles of Ensure when you join the Ensure Club. These 3 Free bottles of Ensure are included in a gift pack that will be sent to you along with $50 worth of coupons, and 2 post dated $4 gift cheques. This is a great deal!

The Free Ensure Club is full of countless tips and resources! Meal plans suggestions, Recipes, and valuable health information. Get signed up today and get these Freebies on the way!

Free 1 Year Subscription to Red Bulletin Magazine

Red Bull is offering a 1 year subscription to The Red Bulletin magazine. All you have to do is fill in the required information and they will send your Free magazines in the mail. Stay caught up on the latest in Action, Sports, Travel, Arts, and Music all for FREE. This is a great magazine for those of us that like to stay active and who like to read about people who are active.