Free Subscription Kikkoman K Magazine


Get your Free Subscription to Kikkoman’s K Magazine. Scroll down the page for the magazine order form. The top entry is for the newsletter which also has recipes and tips.  K Magazine is a semiannual publication magazine for food enthusiasts which features cooking tips, great new recipes and inspiring photos.

I am looking forward to getting this magazine. I don’t have a lot of ethnic food recipes. I would like to try something a little different for a change.

Free Issue of Scotland Magazine

Get your FREE Issue of Scotland Magazine! Whether you have ever wanted to explore there, have a friend or home there, or if you just like to broaden your horizons, you should like this magazine. This FREE magazine features interesting articles, beautiful pictures, and travel guides.

Terms and Conditions
• One copy per household, over 18’s only. • Offer subject to availability. • You will receive the next available edition of Scotland Magazine, which will be mailed by regular post.

Free Issue of Arrive, Empire Builder, & New York Rail Magazines

Arrive Magazine

Amtrak is offering 3 Free magazines. You can get Arrive Magazine, Empire Builder Magazine and New York Rail. All you need to do is mark the boxes of the Free magazines that you want and fill in the form and click the request box. If you love to travel then these Free magazines are a must have. Get information on all Northeast Corridor services, A guide to destinations from New York to Canada and much more.

Free Subscription to Ingredients Magazine

Saputo is offering a Free subscription to their Ingredients etc. magazine. This magazine is full of delicious recipes. Just fill out the form with your information and get the next subscription right to your door. I love to learn new recipes to keep my family and friends happy. The way to the heart is truly through the stomach I have found.

This Free magazine subscription is for Canadian Residents only and is available in either English or French editions.

2 Free Issues Healthy Ways Healthy Weight Magazine

healthy ways healthy weight

Get your 2 FREE issues of Healthy Ways to Healthy Weight Magazine. Submit your information and your 2 FREE magazines will be sent to you in the mail. The PDF formats are also available for you to download. Please note that if you are having trouble with selecting your province, try using Internet Explorer. I had to switch to that for it to work.

Healthy Ways Healthy Weight provides useful information and articles to help get you motivated to get and stay healthy.  This magazine also has lots of great healthy recipes. This is a great resource to make a change for the better.

Free Online Financial Course for Women


It’s time to step up our game ladies – take control of your finances right now and let DailyWorth help get you started.

DailyWorth is a Free Online Financial Course for Women.  Right now you can sign up for a Free Daily Newsletter that helps women take control of their finances.

From the DailyWorth site: “With inspiration and tools from your posts, I negotiated a job offer and got myself an extra $5,000 a year!   Thank you for showing women we are worth it.  Sometimes, we just have to ask!”

Sign up for their Free Newsletter now!